I am a web developer and designer, JAMStack engineer, content strategist, and public speaker.

I’ve worked for nearly 15 years at my own firm, Sonnet Media, and am launching a new firm called The New Dynamic. I’ve worked with The American Bar Association, The Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, HarperCollins Publishers, New York University and numerous publishers, journals, and many authors.

I earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from New York University.

In my spare time, I run the The New Dynamic project and JAMStack Meetup group, helping other web professionals with front-end web technologies.

I’m also interested in cooking and bread baking. A purist at heart, I roast my own coffee and maintain my own bread starter. I also enjoy music and photography, though for the last 13 years most of my photography has been of my beautiful children.

I live on the upper west side of Manhattan in the Bronx with my wife and three kids.